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Armed and Unarmed Houston Security Guard Services by Houston Seal Patrol Division

Keeping Houston safe is “job one” for Houston SEAL

As a premium top-rated security protection organization, Houston SEAL takes the guesswork out of safety and security. We pride ourselves on delivering expert quality armed and unarmed security guard services that are always world-class and a cut above. For a complete obligation free quote for your business security needs simply fill out the form below or call today. We believe in full transparency and will offer you a detailed quote that is custom tailored to meet your specific and unique needs.

Our Security Services

COVID-19 Update Information


Houston Seal is the Smart Choice for Around-the-clock Professional Grade Protection for Property and Individuals Even in Light of the Covid-19 Crisis.

Please be advised that Houston SEAL is on the job and always ready to engage even in light of the latest COVID-19 pandemic events. Our company is ready on a moment’s notice and is able to provide Houston Security Guard Services throughout the entire greater Houston metropolitan area as well as many surrounding communities. We maintain the strictest protocols when it comes to COVID-19 safety procedures. Your Safety is our priority.

Top Rated Houston Security Guard Services with or without Covid-19 Crises

Security services include protecting hotels, banks and shopping malls as well as office buildings and parking lots in addition to construction sites, retail store outlets and special events along with even jewelry stores. Few other security services can compare when it comes to the high-quality security services that we offer our valued clients.



Perfection in every second

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Good 24/7 communication

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Well documented events

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Emergency help

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We Are Hiring Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Good news. Are you a conscientious and dedicated individual that would like to improve safety and security throughout the community? The good news is that we are hiring guards who are ready to deliver professional grade security services day and night with professionalism always at the forefront.

Professional training

Extensive training in everything from baton to highly effective handcuffing techniques and OC spray as well as advanced training tactical firearm handling are included in addition to other advanced training protocols.

Clients can rest assured that all of our security professionals have received professional state-mandated training, in addition to a host of other in-house training protocols.

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HOUSTON SEAL PATROL DIVISION LLC delivers on promises when it comes to outstanding private security and personal protection. The company specializes in everything from private investigations to security and safety consulting as well as security training and emergency operations and planning procedures for Houston as well as across the entire state of Texas. We offer value added services in terms of providing clients with security services that allow for greater levels of preparedness regardless of the threat or surprise situation that may be encountered. Our clients enjoy greater levels of peace of mind in a world where the unexpected and the unknown have become more and more commonplace.
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