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3 people injured during drive-by shooting at Third Ward convenience store, HPD says
The shooting happened outside the Scott Food Mart on Winbern Street, directly across from the Clayton Homes public housing complex.

“It was a drive by shooting, “said HPD homicide detective Katie Clark. “A red Buick pulls up, with a temporary tag on the back. It’s unknown at this time how many suspects were in the vehicle.”

Clark also said the shooting may be gang related.

“Unfortunately in these drive-by shootings, innocent people get hit,” she said.

The man in the wheelchair was partially paralyzed after he was shot several years ago, according to a friend who asked she not be identified, because of fear.

He is a fixture in the neighborhood, often sitting outside the store. “He would go there just to see what was going on, and get some air,” she said. “We call him Poke. He’s not a person who has confrontations. Like you see, he was in a wheelchair.”

Clark said there have been other drive-by shootings in the area in recent months, possibly linked to another gang from southeast Houston.

Video taken from a security camera outside the store is said to have recorded the shooting, as well as the car. The video has been given to Houston police